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Papercraft prototype of my fierce mushroom chick. Designing papercraft is haaaaaard

The heavily responsible and cautious Jovys (or as i like to informally refer to them…space gnomes).

Color Sewnnnn

The Capricious and Feared Sydthe. Part of my TRPG Lucid.


Student Interview



MICA senior Jabari Weathers interviewed me for his professional development class. For anyone who is curious to know more about me, or about the first few years out of art school, I posted the interview below. No one ever asks me anything so my answers are pretty long, and I apologize if I come off as a pretentious snob when I talk about the culture shock I experienced when coming to America. I should also note that this is all highly personal and I can only speak from my own experience, but hopefully my answers will help put some of you at ease about entering a career as an illustrator. 

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I should have reblogged this ages ago, but I wasn’t as active on here as I am now. The wonderful Celine Loup was gracious enough to let me interview her last December. My tepid questions were met with deeply personal and very enlightening answers from a fellow illustrator whose insights I’ve come to enjoy and follow on a consistent basis. Even though I’m a bit behind on this one, give this interview a look, especially if you find yourself somewhere graduating from art school in the coming months :P.

(so sorry I didn’t reblog this sooner, Celine!)

You can check out her work at the link above, as well as follow her on tumblr via the blog this is reblogged from. Thanks again, Celine!

The Timeless; those who carry on the torch of Earth’s past. For my TRPG Lucid.

Color soon!

I think this one needs more phanageling but for now i’m calling it done. 
Robot wars in Iriva. For Lucid :).

I think this one needs more phanageling but for now i’m calling it done.¬†

Robot wars in Iriva. For Lucid :).

Inhabitants of the Omniverse; Houses Inchassi, Aeglis, Attosia, Orvasi and Scandris of the Sapienastic Order. Part of my TRPG Lucid.

Colors to come…eventually.

I Introduce you to the three lineages of Lucid: Humans, Jovys and Sydthe.

More to come soon.

Anonymous asked: I heard things were kind of rough for you right now. I hope everything turns out ok! Best of luck to you.

Thank you mystery person of the internet! I’m working to turn things around and trying to stay optimistic. It’s good to know I’m in someone’s thoughts :).

The sassiest fungus around.

*I know the scarf makes no sense but it looked rull cool*